Breaking Down Blockchain
What are early adopters doing with the new network of trust – and what can we learn from them For any technology to travel the di...
By in etc | June 14th, 2018
From The Editor: IoT – Going Beyond Basic Efficiency
Internet of Things is a hot and happening thing in IT. I say happening in a very literal sense. Unlike many other ‘hot’ technologie...
By in etc | June 12th, 2018
An Introduction: The Role Of Blockchain In The Global Economy
The world of business—led by banks—have overwhelmingly embraced blockchain even while many of them are openly skeptical and/or crit...
By in etc | June 8th, 2018
The Future Of Blockchain In India
Administrations globally are experimenting how governance and citizen service delivery can be improved using distributed ledger technol...
By in etc | May 28th, 2018
‘yo’ to the rescue – Part 1
Getting started with Yeoman, a scaffolding tool for web apps Yeoman is a scaffolding tool that helps you kick-start new projects and pr...
By in etc | April 7th, 2018
Actions on Google – Part 2
You can read Part 1 from here:- DESIGN AN APP In the following segments...
By in etc | April 2nd, 2018
How to train your Alexa – Part 2
An example of an Intent would be the EggRecipeFetcherIntent which would have a few sample utterances like: • Ask egginator for an egg...
By in etc | April 2nd, 2018
How to train your Alexa – Part 1
A guide to get started with Alexa Skills Alexa is a cloud based service provided by Amazon that is at the core of their range of Echo d...
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Actions on Google – Part 1
Creating apps for the Google Assistant GOOGLE HOME Google Home is the latest in a long line of market disrupting products that have com...
By in etc | March 30th, 2018
Client Side  Crypto Miners – Part 2
JAVASCRIPT API OPT-IN OVERLAY When loaded through the JavaScript API will ask the user for consent as soon as
By in etc | March 8th, 2018