NASA releases software catalog

NASA releases software catalog

By | March 3rd, 2017
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The list has many apps, code libraries and tools that pretty much anyone

can download and use.


NASA has just published its 2017-2018 software catalogue,  If you’re interested in a piece of software, head to the link provided; it should provide the release or license type (some things are limited to the U.S., for instance).

Flying around looking at things, NASA style

Say you’re building a drone or satellite from scratch.Once you’ve got the imagery on the ground, you might want to put it through PixelLearn, which lets you set rules about certain pixels and patterns, letting the program automatically find and categorise things like craters, buildings and so on.

Exploring the planets, NASA style

There are Global Reference Atmospheric Models for Earth, Mars, Venus and Neptune. And Titan, for some reason. These models are not toys, but they might help if you’re planning an off-planet excursion and need to know exact pressures and temperatures somewhere. For something a little more practical, you might try the NASA Forecast Model Web, which does a bit more of the work for you, or the Worldview Satellite Imagery Browsing and Downloading Tool, which is a way to navigate the tonnes of Earth imagery coming from NASA satellites.

Hiring and evaluation, NASA style

First, there’s the Integrated Cognitive Assessment Tool: Combining Person, System, and Mission, which tells you whether someone is capable of performing a certain job in space — or in sales.

Then, in order to be sure you’re not hiring a klutz, submit them to the Fine Motor Skills iPad test. It’ll prove they can operate a touchscreen interface without bringing the company down.

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