ZFS Is the Best Filesystem (For Now…)

ZFS Is the Best Filesystem (For Now…)

By | July 13th, 2017
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ZFS should have been great, but I kind of hate it: ZFS seems to be trapped

in the past, before it was sidelined it as the cool storage project of

choice; it’s inflexible; it lacks modern flash integration; and it’s

not directly supported by most operating systems.


When ZFS first appeared in 2005, it was absolutely with the times, but it’s remained stuck there ever since. The ZFS engineers did a lot right when they combined the best features of a volume manager with a “zettabyte-scale” filesystem in Solaris 10:

  • ZFS achieves the kind of scalability every modern filesystem should have, with few limits in terms of data or metadata count and volume or file size.
  • ZFS includes checksumming of all data and metadata to detect corruption, an absolutely essential feature for long-term large-scale storage.
  • When ZFS detects an error, it can automatically reconstruct data from mirrors, parity, or alternate locations.
  • Mirroring and multiple-parity “RAID Z” are built in, combining multiple physical media devices seamlessly into a logical volume.
  • ZFS includes robust snapshot and mirror capabilities, including the ability to update the data on other volumes incrementally.
  • Data can be compressed on the fly and deduplication is supported as well.


Nisheeth Bhakuni