Plasma 5.11 Beta

Plasma 5.11 Beta

By | September 15th, 2017
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Plasma's Task Manager lays the foundation for enabling applications to

provide dynamic jump list actions.


The revamped System Settings user interface allows easier access to commonly used settings. It is the first step in making this often-used and complex application easier to navigate and more user-friendly. The new design is added as an option, users who prefer the older icon or tree views can move back to their preferred way of navigation.

Due to popular demand notifications optionally stores missed and expired notifications in a history. This is the first part of an ongoing effort to modernize the notification system in Plasma. This allows the user to override applications not marking their notifications as persistent, and viewing what happened in her absence.

The notifications history is enabled by default for testing purposes, but may be switched off in the final 5.11 release as to provide a cleaner and uncluttered appearance out of the box. The Plasma team welcomes feedback from testers specifically about this new feature.


Nisheeth Bhakuni