NodeSource N|Solid for Alpine Linux

NodeSource N|Solid for Alpine Linux

By | June 12th, 2017
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NodeSource, the Node.js company, has announced the release of NodeSource

N|Solid for Alpine Linux, the newest addition to its enterprise-grade

Node.js platform that enables a secure, reliable and extensible platform

for Node.js applications.


The latest release makes it easier for teams using Docker containers with the popular Alpine Linux distribution to leverage the enhanced security and performance visibility provided by N|Solid.

Alpine’s core advantages are its security-centric philosophy and comparatively lightweight footprint; its smaller size and enhanced resource efficiency are ideal for running in a containerized environment. Their new distribution for Alpine makes the N|Solid commercial runtime’s security and performance monitoring capabilities available on a resource-efficient and secure OS.

N|Solid is a commercial version of the Node.js runtime which offers enhanced security as well as real-time visibility into application performance. Along with the recently-introduced NodeSource Certified Modules, the solution provides enterprise-grade Node.js for production applications and helps development, DevOps and security teams run and scale Node.js applications.

Node.js is one of the fastest-growing open source projects in the world, powering everything from web and desktop applications to microservices architectures, embedded IoT devices, and robotics. By adopting Node.js, organizations can drastically cut infrastructure costs and improve time-to-market, delivering better experiences to end users.

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