DevSecOps will help security and developers play nice

DevSecOps will help security and developers play nice

By | June 18th, 2017
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Veracode, a security software company acquired by CA Technologies, has

announced the results of a study examining the relationships between

application developers and security teams.


The study, conducted in conjunction with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), shows that despite the pervasive belief that security and development teams have conflicting priorities, initiatives such as creating DevOps environments and focusing on product innovation have the two teams aligned toward a common goal of creating secure software.

Growing Need for DevSecOps

The research aims to determine security and development professionals’ views of application security and software development trends. Among respondents reporting their organization currently uses application security solutions like static application security testing, 43 percent report their organization does so because including application security in the development process is more efficient than reactively patching production systems.

DevOps Influencing Technology Requirements

The research points to the need for application security to become an integrated part of the DevOps process – the combination increasingly known as DevSecOps – and that this need is both recognized and accepted. The data also highlights the technology requirements necessary to make DevSecOps a reality. Tool complexity and the inability to integrate application security into the DevOps workflow are major obstacles to organizations deploying these tools effectively.


Nisheeth Bhakuni