Kaspersky brings protection to business Macs

Kaspersky brings protection to business Macs

By | July 17th, 2017
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There has long been a perception that Macs are somehow immune to cyber

attacks, but as the security landscape has changed they've become an

attractive target for hackers looking to gain access to corporate



Kaspersky Lab is launching a new edition of its Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud to give corporate Macs cloud-based multilayered protection. Aimed at small and medium businesses and managed service providers, it also brings more automation and management capabilities.

Kaspersky detected 11.8 million cyber-attacks against Mac users in 2016. MacOS-specific malware, OS-agnostic phishing and ‘man in the middle’ type attacks can put paid to the false sense of security felt among Apple advocates in the workplace.

“It ensures that protection from cyberthreats doesn’t detract small and medium-sized businesses from other tasks and that their entire corporate network stays protected — even if they only have 15 minutes to spend on security. If no internal resources are available, the solution also helps when outsourcing IT security to a service provider, by ensuring they can still keep track of what’s going on in their infrastructure.”

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud means organizations can simplify their security routine by managing multiple MacOS and Windows workstations, mobile devices and file servers remotely, via a single cloud-based console. Corporate Mac users will receive multi-layered anti-malware and web protection, along with configuration of scan exclusions and optimized usage of computer resources.


Nisheeth Bhakuni