Apple Opens App Pre-Orders to All Developers

Apple Opens App Pre-Orders to All Developers

By | December 12th, 2017
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Once your app is released, customers will be notified and your app will

automatically download to their device. For paid apps, customers will be

charged before download.


To make your new app available for pre-order:

  1. From the homepage, click My Apps, select the app, and select Pricing and Availability in the left column. You’ll see the Pre-Orders section if your app has never been published on the App Store.
  2. Select Make available for pre-order, choose a date to release your app for download, then click Save in the upper-right corner. The release date must be at least two days in the future, but no more than 90 days in the future.
  3. Submit your app for review.
  4. Once your app is approved and you’re ready to make it available for pre-order, return to Pricing and Availability, confirm the date your app will be released for download, and click Release as Pre-Order in the upper-right corner.

In addition to offering apps for pre-orders, Apple will report pre-orders as part of the Sales and Trends section of iTunes ConnectApple has also included an FAQ with further information about the pre-order process.


Nisheeth Bhakuni