Apple launches its podcast analytics service into beta

Apple launches its podcast analytics service into beta

By | December 15th, 2017
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Today, Apple has launched its own podcast analytics service for show

creators who publish on Apple Podcasts offering podcasters the ability to

track unique devices and playback metrics for their podcasts, including

when listeners drop off in the middle of a show.


This sort of client-side data is something podcasters have wanted for a long time. But Apple had shown little interest over the years in offering analytics – despite the increasing popularity of podcasts.

That changed with the arrival of iOS 11, however. Apple redesigned its Podcasts app, and added new consumer-facing features like support for trailers, as well as those focused on newer podcast content trends, like support for serialized show type and seasons.

Key to this implementation is Apple’s focus on user privacy. It’s tracking unique devices but only offering that data in aggregate to podcasters. That means show creators can understand overall trends about listeners, but can’t drill down to track users on an individual basis.

Still, the ability to track device level data like this will be huge for podcasters, who have previously had to rely on server-side metrics, like podcast downloads. Tracking more granular data around listens was simply not possible.

 On the new analytics dashboard, podcasters will log in with their Apple ID to view details about their podcast’s performance. This includes things like table and charts with data like unique device counts for a selected time period, total time listened, time per device, average consumption, devices subscribed, top countries, and more.


Nisheeth Bhakuni