Google’s Daydream Review

Google’s Daydream Review

By | October 7th, 2017
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Google announced the second-generation Daydream View at today’s Pixel 2

event, where it opened preorders for an October 19th launch at $99.


The overall design hasn’t changed, and neither has the laser pointer-like remote. You still sandwich your phone between the View’s front flap and a pair of lenses, which automatically launches a special Daydream Home interface. And the experience is still a compromise between Google’s ultra-cheap Cardboard and an array of high-end standalone VR headsets, which feature more processing power and full motion tracking.

But Google says it’s boosting the new View just a little higher on the VR ladder, with better optics and new materials.

The new View uses custom-designed wider lenses and has a field of view that’s supposedly 10 to 15 degrees wider than before. Its face mask has been redesigned to spread pressure more evenly, and a removable top strap makes it feel more secure.

The View’s $99 price tag isn’t exactly premium, but it is more than the original $79 View, albeit cheaper than the $129 Gear VR.


Nisheeth Bhakuni