Google announces new Android features for Developers & Gamers

Google announces new Android features for Developers & Gamers

By | March 1st, 2017
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Google wants to turn its mobile Android operating system into a major

gaming centre, and it’s announcing new features that it says will push

developers to innovate and make more money


During its annual keynote at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco on Monday, the tech giant spoke to a crowd of developers and made the case for why they should consider Google Play Games.

Jamil Moledina, Google strategic lead for Google Play, said in an interview “In the past, we’ve been very good at introducing new features, but what we are trying to do is listen better and understand what it is game developers want to see out of the platform and over deliver in those areas.” Google said nearly 300 million new users started using Android devices last year in emerging markets suggesting its platform is ready to become a global gaming hub.

Google announced that is has tweaked algorithm and now instead of only showcasing titles with a high volume of downloads, the algorithms will now also use engagement metrics and star ratings. Developers are also getting new marketing tools in the Google Play store that the company said will help highlight promotions and generate more revenue.

During Monday’s keynote, Google announced new premium games from major studios. Transformers: Forged to Fight will be coming on April 5, while Epic Games’ Battlebreaker (which uses the Unreal 4 engine) and Injustice 2 are also around the corner.

Nisheeth Bhakuni