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DEF CON 22 Roundup

The annual hacker convention had some surprising participants

In tech | 01 Sep 2014
Google is plunking down 50 million to teach girls programming

Made With Code is a new Google initiative to encourage girl programmers

In tech | 01 Aug 2014
iOS 8 SDK to bring a wave of changes to the platform

Apple announced the release of iOS 8 SDK at WWDC, the largest update so far consisting of 4,000 new APIs

In cloud | 01 Jul 2014
Developing the right game for the right platform is key

We get an insight into mobile game development trends in India from Nitish Mittersain, Founder & CEO, Nazara Technologies

In apps | 01 Jul 2014
Ruby on Rails – An introduction

One of the most popular languages currently is quite easy to get into after all it puts the user ahead of everything else.

In tech | 01 Jul 2014
Top Tech giants join hands to launch Core Infrastructure Initiative

In a bid to secure major open source components and projects, the biggest technology shapers of today have released the “Core Infrastructure Initiative” through the Linux Foundation

In tech | 01 May 2014
We love Adobe to make simple, easy games

We try to learn a few tricks of the trade when it comes to making a successful game from Alok Kejriwal, CEO & Co-Founder, Games2win

In apps | 01 Apr 2014
Facebook testing Graph Search for mobile

Roll out of Facebook’s Graph Search to mobile platforms seems imminent as the company starts testing the new search with select users.

In tech | 01 Mar 2014
Build an installable Chrome Packaged App

A quick guide on programming the address bar of Chrome using JavaScript

In apps | 01 Mar 2014
Demonstrate: a new app to help you create iOS apps

We try out Demonstrate, an app that lets you create a working mock-up of an iOS app in very little time

In apps | 01 Feb 2014