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Nash David is passionate about technology and mobile devices. He closely follows the smartphone, and tablet platform market. He also leads editorial efforts for devworx. You may send him tweets @nashpd or email

An Intro to Backbone.js

If you’ve ever shopped around for a framework for making single-page apps, chances are you have come across Backbone.

In tech | 01 Jan 2015
Why Should CIOs Consider Advanced Analytics?

Alexander Linden, research director at Gartner, explains the opportunities that advanced analytics and data science technologies present to business executives

In archive | 29 Dec 2014
Way To Do DevOps

There ain’t clear rules and best practices around DevOps, but organisations are trying it out and deriving benefits already

In tech | 23 Dec 2014
60% Of CIOs Will Use DevOps As Their Primary Tool, By 2015

By 2016, security will be a top three business priority for 70% of CEOs of global enterprises, IDC

In tech | 12 Dec 2014
The good design playbook

Good design is more complicated than you’d think. Find out what goes into good UX

In tech | 01 Dec 2014
Decoding DevOps

Senior IT managers are putting their best foot forward by harnessing DevOps to bring in agility in the business processes and enhance growth

In tech | 23 Nov 2014
How biocomputing aims to expand its applications

A team at ETH Zurich have developed precise and programmable biological components to build better functioning biocomputers

In tech | 01 Nov 2014
Implementing 2-dimensional physics for browser based games using Box2dWeb

Here’s how you go about building the next Angry Birds

In archive | 01 Nov 2014
Why DevOps Is Becoming Increasingly Recognised By Businesses

A study finds clear business benefits and increasing use of DevOps for rapid software development and deployment

In tech | 31 Oct 2014
Does this code belong to you?

Ownership of code is one of the most important aspects of programming that most programmers don’t know of

In tech | 01 Sep 2014