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Nash David is passionate about technology and mobile devices. He closely follows the smartphone, and tablet platform market. He also leads editorial efforts for devworx. You may send him tweets @nashpd or email

A Beginner’s Guide to Coding Projects

There are a lot of things you can learn and practice in the world of programming, so where do you get started?

In tech | 01 Jun 2015
5 Free Mobile Device Emulators To Test Your Apps

With the usage of web from smartphones and other smart devices escalating, it’s important to test run your apps on multiple platforms before you set off your journey

In apps | 21 May 2015
How a recommendation engine works

One of the principal factors towards driving sales is by using these complex algorithmic wonders, we take a look at how they work

In tech | 15 May 2015
‘We Use Machine Learning Algorithms To Save Millions Of Dollars’

Navin Manaswi, a data scientist and a big data specialist with General Mills –a U.S.-based food company, shares insights on how they leverage data science to forecast demands of products.

In analytics | 30 Apr 2015
Intro to Docker

Docker is a tool that the world didn’t know it couldn’t live without till it was finally here.

In open web | 01 Apr 2015
Introduction to Automata Theory

Find out what it takes to program an automaton, apart from the four main components of its component theory

In tech | 01 Apr 2015
Pulling the plug

Google Code is shutting down, and here are the alternative project hosting services that you should consider migrating to

In apps | 01 Apr 2015
Constraint Programming

When you think of constraints, the general feeling behind them is negative. Hopefully after reading this, you will think differently!

In tech | 01 Mar 2015
Study Reveals Huge Potential For DevOps In Indian Organizations

More than 52% of Indian IT leaders plan to adopt the strategy in the next two years, says a study by CA Technologies.

In tech | 16 Feb 2015
Will it be completely universal with Windows 10?

Microsoft remains tight-lipped about what’s new for developers on Windows 10

In apps | 15 Jan 2015