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Nash David is passionate about technology and mobile devices. He closely follows the smartphone, and tablet platform market. He also leads editorial efforts for devworx. You may send him tweets @nashpd or email

Migrating Your Custom Line Of Business Application To Azure

Custom Line of Business applications are present in many organizations and help deliver a specific requirement.

In cloud | 31 Dec 2015
Year-End Special: Why IoT Gets My Vote As The Emerging Technology Of The Year …

IoT entrenched itself strongly in enterprise IT lexicon this year. Now, it is time to take the next step

In iot | 28 Dec 2015
How Payment Banks Can Leverage Analytics

The banking industry in India today, though developed, faces the challenge of connecting with its customers.

In analytics | 24 Dec 2015
Can Bots Take Over Enterprise Analytics?

Two big bottlenecks for enterprise analytics are compute costs and time required. The way forward may be to look at a completely different way of attacking the problem – of breaking the data into small bits and analyzing them separately

In analytics | 17 Dec 2015
React.js Basics

A JavaScript library backed by the largest social networking platform in the world certainly deserves your attention

In tech | 01 Dec 2015
Why The Indian Cloud Story Could Look Very, Very Different From Now On…

The vendors seem to have realized Indian market is unique in many ways. Here is what they have realized…

In cloud | 12 Nov 2015
A quick dive into ECMAScript 6 – the Future of JavaScript

With the hype around HTML5 waning, ECMASCript 6 is what all the cool kids are talking about these days, let’s find out why

In tech | 01 Nov 2015
Three Things To Integrate Into Enterprise Applications

Huge and complex IT applications sit at the heart of the enterprise, creating workflows and making the enterprise run.

In apps | 28 Oct 2015
Why You Should Embrace Freemium Apps

Five practical steps to get out of this new opportunity

In apps | 13 Oct 2015
Getting F(#)nctional

F# is the go-to functional programming option available to .NET developers; and is better than C#

In tech | 01 Oct 2015