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US Still The Cheapest Cloud Services Market, APAC Costlier Than Europe Too

Latin America is the costliest market for cloud services

In cloud | 14 Mar 2016
Enterprise Apps: Why You Should Build Them Like Consumer Apps…

If the enterprise app solves a problem so thoroughly that the user goes to the app first when faced with that problem, well, that is good user experience

In apps | 07 Mar 2016
State Of The Cloud: 2016 And Beyond

2015 saw Cloud adoption entering a phase from where it could gain some significant traction across virtually (no pun intended) all segments and verticals.

In cloud | 02 Mar 2016
Node.js — JavaScript Meets World

If you’ve even vaguely kept up to date with web development news, you’ve likely heard of Node.js

In tech | 01 Mar 2016
ICICI Appathon: A New Era Of API-Based Banking Apps Ecosystem?

India’s second largest bank challenges developers to create innovative apps by not just opening a large set of APIs but also bringing in partners who are doing the same

In apps | 24 Feb 2016
Mobile Banking: Creating Great Applications On Demand

Mobile banking opens up entirely new opportunities for banks. But legacy integration and creating user friendly apps on demand are key

In apps | 23 Feb 2016
Three Keys To Take IoT Over The Finish Line

With the rise of low-cost sensors, ubiquitous connectivity and massive data volumes, the “Internet of Things” promises to change the world.

In iot | 16 Feb 2016
Making Sense Of IoT Standardization

There are numerous standard bodies and industry interest groups who are working on standardizing various aspects of IoT. This article, first in a series of two, puts a context to the activities. In the concluding part, we will actually go into various standardization efforts.

In iot | 08 Feb 2016
Getting started with coding

Getting into programming world was never so easy but the humongous scale of the Internet enables you to do so.

In editor's pick | 01 Feb 2016
Say Hello To IoT With Wi-Fi HaLow

WiFi Alliance announces Wi-Fi HaLow, based on IEEE 802.11ah targeted at IoT

In iot | 06 Jan 2016