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Nash David is passionate about technology and mobile devices. He closely follows the smartphone, and tablet platform market. He also leads editorial efforts for devworx. You may send him tweets @nashpd or email

The Power of Speech

After smartphones and home assistants, now you can talk to the Internet

In tech | 16 Feb 2017
2017 for developers

Here are some of the key trends that have shown promise for the coming year

In tech | 16 Feb 2017
Looking back at you

After years of you looking at the web, now the web is ready to look back at you

In apps | 06 Jul 2016
Everything you wanted to know about PHP 7

The omnipresent PHP moved to version 7 directly from version 5. The update came out in December and we’ve allowed more than enough time for the initial set of kinks to be ironed out. Here’s what you need to know

In tech | 06 Jun 2016
Study Finds Serious Hurdles In Achieving Full DevOps Maturity

Results highlight a disconnect in realizing denefits of DevOps

In tech | 23 May 2016

Ansible lets you deploy complex interdependent and interacting web services using a simple script and no programming.

In tech | 12 May 2016
Cloud Comes Of Age

The year may see CIOs going for Cloud First strategy

In cloud | 14 Apr 2016
And Now, Specialized Cloud Architects Take Charge

The RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Survey shows significant uptake off hybrid cloud model.

In cloud | 01 Apr 2016
Introduction to Realm: Why you don’t SQLite anymore?

A deeper look at the SQLite replacement that is being used widely by the industry

In tech | 01 Apr 2016
To Be Or Not To Be In Cloud (Nine)…

An organization should use the right building blocks for an effective cloud journey. But the path also depends on where the organization currently is…

In cloud | 17 Mar 2016