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Perhaps you need the D

It’s quite similar to C++ but the world is torn over using D rather than the former

In tech | 10 Aug 2015
Vulkan, the Future of Open Graphics APIs

Why have some of the biggest players in the industr decided to create entirely new graphics APIs all of a sudden? Is this an unlikely coincidence or does it signify some kind of a larger shift in the industry?

In tech | 01 May 2015
An introduction to Machine Learning

Can machines learn? What does it even mean to learn something? And if machines really can learn, how can we use that to our advantage?

In tech | 01 Feb 2015
We discuss world domination through open source!

Ruby on Rails was a significant improvement upon existing languages at the time of inception and the continued pursuit of perfection is ingrained into human nature.

In tech | 01 Sep 2014