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How to train your Alexa – Part 2

An example of an Intent would be the EggRecipeFetcherIntent which would have a few sample utterances like: • Ask egginator for an egg recipe. • Ask egginator how to cook my eggs. • Tell egginator to suggest an egg recipe. These utterances simply list a sample of sentences that trigger the EggRecipeFetcherIntent, and do not […]

In etc | 02 Apr 2018
How to train your Alexa – Part 1

A guide to get started with Alexa Skills Alexa is a cloud based service provided by Amazon that is at the core of their range of Echo devices. It is capable of translating an ever-expanding number of voice commands into actionable requests that the service can then take action on. There are already a number […]

In etc | 01 Apr 2018
Actions on Google – Part 1

Creating apps for the Google Assistant GOOGLE HOME Google Home is the latest in a long line of market disrupting products that have come from the path breaking technology company. It is a collection of smart speakers that enable users to use voice commands in order to interact with services through Google’s intelligent personal assistant […]

In etc | 30 Mar 2018
Client Side  Crypto Miners – Part 2

JAVASCRIPT API OPT-IN OVERLAY When loaded through the JavaScript API will ask the user for consent as soon as miner.start() is called. This is done in a popover window directly on your page. You will not be able to start the miner if the user cancels the opt-in. If the user gives consent, an […]

In etc | 08 Mar 2018
Client Side  Crypto Miners – Part 1

Could this be the key to an ad free internet? If you are connected to the internet then its most likely that you have already heard about crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. With many Governments and banks across the world legalizing, regulat- ing and accepting multiple Crypto- currencies, the day is not far […]

In etc | 01 Mar 2018
Kotlin – One for all Part – 2

You can read Part 1 from here:- 3. DEFINING LOCAL VARIABLES: There are two types of variable that you can create in Kotlin. One is Type defined or Type inferred. Note that if you don’t want to define the type of the variable then you have to assign some value to that variable so […]

In etc | 28 Feb 2018
Kotlin – One for all Part – 1

Nowadays a lot of programming languages have surfaced and it’s natural for you find it difficult to develop in just a single language. For folks like us who struggle with multiple programming languages for different scenarios, Kotlin can be a saviour. SO WHAT IS KOTLIN? Kotlin is a strongly typed programming language, that runs on […]

In etc | 23 Feb 2018
‘yo’ to the rescue – Part 2

THE YEOMAN RUN-LOOP There are some methods that are defined within the class. Any genera-tor class can have some any number of methods. Each method that is directly attached to the generator prototype is considered to be a task. Each task is run in sequence by the Yeoman environment run loop. In other words, every […]

In etc | 16 Feb 2018
Getting Started with Vue.js – Part 2

You can read Part 1 from here HANDLING INPUT AND EVENTS Respond to user inputs is the core part of any UI framework and Vue offers a simple but flexible way to do that. Let’s see how, in just a few lines of code, you can build a functioning GitHub user search app with […]

In analytics | 09 Feb 2018
Getting Started with Vue.js – Part 1

Over the past few years, few web frameworks have survived. Vue.js has not only survived but thrived. Let’s see why. Kshitij Sobti | The world of web development is one of constant churn; new frameworks pop up one day and take the world by storm, only to disappear in a month. If you are […]

In etc | 05 Feb 2018