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Kotlin – One for all Part – 1

Nowadays a lot of programming languages have surfaced and it’s natural for you find it difficult to develop in just a single language. For folks like us who struggle with multiple programming languages for different scenarios, Kotlin can be a saviour. SO WHAT IS KOTLIN? Kotlin is a strongly typed programming language, that runs on […]

In etc | 23 Feb 2018
‘yo’ to the rescue – Part 2

THE YEOMAN RUN-LOOP There are some methods that are defined within the class. Any genera-tor class can have some any number of methods. Each method that is directly attached to the generator prototype is considered to be a task. Each task is run in sequence by the Yeoman environment run loop. In other words, every […]

In etc | 16 Feb 2018
Getting Started with Vue.js – Part 2

You can read Part 1 from here HANDLING INPUT AND EVENTS Respond to user inputs is the core part of any UI framework and Vue offers a simple but flexible way to do that. Let’s see how, in just a few lines of code, you can build a functioning GitHub user search app with […]

In analytics | 09 Feb 2018
Getting Started with Vue.js – Part 1

Over the past few years, few web frameworks have survived. Vue.js has not only survived but thrived. Let’s see why. Kshitij Sobti | The world of web development is one of constant churn; new frameworks pop up one day and take the world by storm, only to disappear in a month. If you are […]

In etc | 05 Feb 2018
Vimpower yourself

Vim, a relic from the past? Or a tool that stood the test of time? There are those who swear by it and then there are those view it as crazy. Are you frustrated with your current editor? Not able to code as fast you can think? Worry not cuz’ we’ve got you covered with […]

In etc | 01 Feb 2018
An unconventional guide to algorithms for Beginners

If you thought algorithms are only for coding wizards, you’re in for some fun. Look around you. Anywhere. Chances are, you are in an algorithm right now or are surrounded by hundreds or even thousands of them at any given point of time. In fact, probably you are playing one out even while you read […]

In analytics | 31 Jan 2018
Participate in the Developer Economics Survey and win awesome goodies!

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In etc | 23 Jun 2017
NativeScript – Cross Platform Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript

Put you web develop skills into making a mobile app

In android | 16 Feb 2017
How may I help you?

Why chat bots are the future

In tech | 15 Feb 2017
Progress Embraces Latest Programming Frameworks, Including Angular 2, ASP.NET Core, Universal Windows Platform and Xamarin

Release of Telerik DevCraft R3 2016 brings new offerings and updates important to modern application development

In tech | 20 Sep 2016