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An In-Depth Analysis Of How Blockchain Is Unfolding In India

An informed view of the challenges, opportunities and emerging trends With the idea of blockchain as a disruptive technology gaining ground, each country is looking to chart its own path—based on both global learning and domestic ground reality. India is no exception. India has a number of unique factors that will influence—they are already doing—how […]

In etc | 29 Jun 2018
Happiest Minds Is Using IoT To Build A Smart Workplace

One of the interesting applications of IoT is in the IT/ITes industry. Being an IT services company, Happiest Minds is deploying IoT not just as a solution for its external customers, but it is also using it to optimize facilities management and improve user experience within the company. Smart offices, like smart homes, aren’t a […]

In iot | 25 Jun 2018
Breaking Down Blockchain

What are early adopters doing with the new network of trust – and what can we learn from them For any technology to travel the distance from hype to reality, its early adopters play an instrumental role. When it comes to blockchain – it is a technology that everyone has been talking about. Over 40 […]

In etc | 14 Jun 2018
From The Editor: IoT – Going Beyond Basic Efficiency

Internet of Things is a hot and happening thing in IT. I say happening in a very literal sense. Unlike many other ‘hot’ technologies like blockchain or machine learning, IoT is actually happening—and happening within enterprises. IoT, or as the NITI Aayog calls it, “cyber-physical systems”, has the ability to create complete new opportunities It […]

In etc | 12 Jun 2018
An Introduction: The Role Of Blockchain In The Global Economy

The world of business—led by banks—have overwhelmingly embraced blockchain even while many of them are openly skeptical and/or critical about bitcoin and cryptocurrency It is immensely unfair today to introduce blockchain as the technology behind bitcoin. While it is a fact—and everybody knows it—that it is indeed is the technology that powered the most successful […]

In etc | 08 Jun 2018
The Future Of Blockchain In India

Administrations globally are experimenting how governance and citizen service delivery can be improved using distributed ledger technology Distributed Ledgering Technology (DLT) refers to any system providing an asset database or a ledger that enables a seamless and distributed participation of cross-organization entities. The system ensures that the local copies of the ledger maintained by the […]

In etc | 28 May 2018
Wanbury’s Golden Batch Is Powered By IoT

For years, pharma companies have exulted on the profits made by their blockbuster drugs; however, little has been done to upgrade the ancient techniques to modernize their manufacturing processes. Not Wanbury – because it is modernizing its business with IoT. The Indian pharmaceutical company that was incorporated in 1988 as a Private Limited Company is […]

In iot | 25 Apr 2018
How Jindal Steel And Power Is Using IoT To Future Proof Its Business

The coining of the term ‘internet of things’ is as old as the millennium bug. However, as we know it, the technology has been around for several decades since the inception of the internet. In the early 70s, a Greek-American scientist, Theodore Paraskevakos, invented the earliest known IIoT device: The smart meter. This automatic meter […]

In iot | 25 Apr 2018
‘yo’ to the rescue – Part 1

Getting started with Yeoman, a scaffolding tool for web apps Yeoman is a scaffolding tool that helps you kick-start new projects and pre-scribes the best practices and tools to help you stay productive. In order to achieve that goal, Yeoman basically provides you with a generator ecosystem that helps to scaffold either a complete project […]

In etc | 07 Apr 2018
Actions on Google – Part 2

You can read Part 1 from here:- DESIGN AN APP In the following segments we will attempt to design our own app for the Google Assistant platform. In the spirit of the new year, let us try to keep things light and try to design an application that tells you your fortune in a […]

In etc | 02 Apr 2018