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Symantec Launches Industry’s First Neural Network To Protect Critical Infrastructure From Cyber Warfare

Symantec Industrial Control System Protection Neural to defend against USB-borne malware, network intrusion and zero-day attacks on operational technology Symantec today introduced Industrial Control System Protection (ICSP) Neural, the industry’s first neural network-integrated USB scanning station that helps organizations protect critical infrastructure by preventing the devastating physical consequences of cyber-attacks on operational technology (OT). OT […]

In etc | 11 Dec 2018
How to Boost Visuals Using Particles in Unreal Engine*

Boost Visuals with Particle Parameters in Unreal Engine* 4 <p>Particle parameters are a powerful system built into the Unreal Engine* that allows the customization of particle systems outside of Unreal Engine 4&#39;s Cascade particle editor. This tutorial creates such a system and demonstrates how you can use it to boost visual fidelity.</p> <p><strong>Why use particle […]

In etc | 03 Dec 2018
How Intel Optimized the User Experience for VR e-Sports

VR, as a new form of interaction between humans and the virtual world, is able to immerse users by making them feel like they are experiencing the simulated reality. However, it’s not easy to achieve considering the frame rendering budget for VR is 11.1ms per frame (90fps), and you need to render the entire scene […]

In etc | 26 Nov 2018
How Intel Unlocked the Power of Unreal Engine 4.19*

Intel Software Engineers Assist with Unreal Engine* 4.19 Optimizations The release of Epic’s Unreal Engine* 4.19 marks a new chapter in optimizing for Intel technology, particularly in the case of optimizing for multicore processors. In the past, game engines traditionally followed console design points, in terms of graphics features and performance. In general, most games […]

In etc | 19 Nov 2018
Intel Helps Star Trek Bridge* Accomplish Its VR Mission

Star Trek*: Bridge Crew and VR’s New Frontiers Star Trek*: Bridge Crew is the latest example of how new virtual reality (VR) titles are fully utilizing CPU and GPU power to provide immersive gameplay. This game, the newest title from one of the most important science-fiction franchises in gaming, also illustrates many of key concepts […]

In etc | 12 Nov 2018
Grab More Game Viewers with Mixed-Reality Video

Stand Out From the Virtual Reality Crowd With Mixed-Reality Video Why using mixed-reality video is the smart way to promote your VR game It's the rare game developer that doesn't want their creation to be a massive hit. While the world of virtual reality (VR) gaming may not yet have seen its crossover, blockbuster moment, […]

In etc | 05 Nov 2018
Bringing VR Game Trailers to 2D with Mixed Reality

Fantastic Contraption Pioneers Mixed-Reality Virtual Reality Game Trailers Virtual Reality (VR) game trailers require rigorous planning and production, because the job of communicating activity in a 3D world through a 2D video can be challenging. Leading game-trailer producers have turned to mixed reality to showcase a third-person view of the player, shot against a green […]

In apps | 29 Oct 2018
How Intel Core i9 Processors Enable Megatasking

Raw Compute Power of New Intel(R) Core(TM) i9 Processor-based Systems Enables Extreme Megatasking <p>The earliest computers were often pushed to the limit performing even a single task, between hammering the hard drive, swapping memory frantically, and crunching through computations. With Microsoft Windows* 3.1 and then Windows 95, multi-tasking began to take form, as systems were […]

In analytics | 22 Oct 2018
How to Speed Up the Digital Painting Process

Tutorial: Digital Painting with a Focus on Speed In concept art, the shorter the time between an abstract idea and a concrete visual, the better. This applies to any industry where concept art is involved, but speed is especially important in the fast-paced development pipelines of the video game industry. Using a digital illustration I […]

In analytics | 10 Oct 2018
Tutorial: Character Modeling for 3D Applications

Learn about how to create Character Modeling for 3D Applications Introduction Character modeling is the process of creating a character within the 3D space of computer programs. The techniques for character modeling are essential for third – and first – person experiences within film, animation, games, and VR training programs. In this article, I explain […]

In apps | 03 Oct 2018