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Government CIOs Target Increased Technology Investments On Data Analytics And Cybersecurity In 2019: Gartner

Among all levels of government, business intelligence (BI) and data analytics (43%), cyber/information security (43%) and cloud services/solutions (39%) are the most common technology areas for increased technology investment in 2019 Data analytics and cybersecurity pushed cloud out of the top spot for increased technology investment by government CIOs in 2019, according to a survey […]

In etc | 24 Jan 2019
Data Storage Remains A Major Issue For APAC Organizations: IDC

There is low awareness of object storage among enterprises in the APAC region, with 41% of surveyed enterprises not aware of the technology, according to a latest IDC survey. Digital transformation is a focus for enterprises across the region, and an integral part of this is the emphasis on data – making it the key […]

In etc | 14 Jan 2019
Global Spending On IoT To Rise In 2019: IDC

The spending will reach USD745 billion in 2019, an increase of 15.4% over the USD646 billion spent in 2018 Worldwide spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) will reach USD745 billion in 2019, an increase of 15.4% over the USD646 billion spent in 2018, according to IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide. IDC […]

In etc | 07 Jan 2019
Public Cloud Security To Become More Automated: Barracuda

This is one of the five key network security predictions for 2019, according to Barracuda Public cloud security will become more automated and attackers will get stealthier, according to latest 2019 network security predictions from Barracuda. An esteemed panel of Barracuda experts have further outlined the following five key predictions in detail: Government and security […]

In etc | 02 Jan 2019
Key Tech Trends That Will Dominate The Retail Sector In 2019

In today’s modern retail environment, information is available everywhere. Consumers are well informed and expect personalized experiences when they shop. This means that the table stakes have changed – retailers now need an IT strategy that expands well beyond a web presence into all areas of their business. Fortunately for retailers, technological innovations across cloud […]

In etc | 24 Dec 2018
Key Technologies That Will Reach Mainstream Adoption In Five To Ten Years

Blockchain and IoT are among those reaching mainstream adoption in the coming years Blockchain, IoT, city operations centers, smart city frameworks, digital twins and smart contracts are among the technologies that will achieve mainstream business adoption in the next five to 10 years, according to Gartner. Of the 29 technologies on this year’s Gartner’s Hype […]

In etc | 17 Dec 2018
Symantec Launches Industry’s First Neural Network To Protect Critical Infrastructure From Cyber Warfare

Symantec Industrial Control System Protection Neural to defend against USB-borne malware, network intrusion and zero-day attacks on operational technology Symantec today introduced Industrial Control System Protection (ICSP) Neural, the industry’s first neural network-integrated USB scanning station that helps organizations protect critical infrastructure by preventing the devastating physical consequences of cyber-attacks on operational technology (OT). OT […]

In etc | 11 Dec 2018
How to Boost Visuals Using Particles in Unreal Engine*

Boost Visuals with Particle Parameters in Unreal Engine* 4 <p>Particle parameters are a powerful system built into the Unreal Engine* that allows the customization of particle systems outside of Unreal Engine 4&#39;s Cascade particle editor. This tutorial creates such a system and demonstrates how you can use it to boost visual fidelity.</p> <p><strong>Why use particle […]

In etc | 03 Dec 2018
How Intel Optimized the User Experience for VR e-Sports

VR, as a new form of interaction between humans and the virtual world, is able to immerse users by making them feel like they are experiencing the simulated reality. However, it’s not easy to achieve considering the frame rendering budget for VR is 11.1ms per frame (90fps), and you need to render the entire scene […]

In etc | 26 Nov 2018
How Intel Unlocked the Power of Unreal Engine 4.19*

Intel Software Engineers Assist with Unreal Engine* 4.19 Optimizations The release of Epic’s Unreal Engine* 4.19 marks a new chapter in optimizing for Intel technology, particularly in the case of optimizing for multicore processors. In the past, game engines traditionally followed console design points, in terms of graphics features and performance. In general, most games […]

In etc | 19 Nov 2018