Writing Lean Code: An Important Component in App Development

By | September 20th, 2012
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Here's a closer look at lean development, an important component for

application development.


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Lean Code has formed an essential part in many spheres of application development, especially with regard to developing apps for mobile phones and smart phones. In order to understand the effectiveness of lean code with relevance to app development, it is important to know a few aspects of lean programming.

Lean programming is an efficient and comprehensive approach to application development mainly because it ideally associates itself with effective memory management and resource code optimisation. The technique focuses on minimising wastage of code and programming resources when applications are in their design and development stage. Of late, the technique has been largely associated with providing cost effective services and has ensured customer satisfaction.

Lean code in app development

There are a score of reasons that have allowed lean code to become an essential component of app development. Many mobile operating system platforms including iOS, Android and Symbian have based their platform on lean programming. As such, the app development platform of these major companies is not confined to lean code employment but because of the structure and simplicity in logic implementation that the language has to offer, it has become a progressively viable option. It allows for effective maintenance of applications as well.

Mobile apps demand high efficiency especially in terms of the cost involved and their subsequent maintenance. With lean programming, the important aspects that are required for app development are ascertained at a primary level, thereby discouraging wastage of resources. This has a bearing on the cost as well. These are the main reasons that have allowed organizations to adopt lean principles to make optimal use of programming resources in app development. Apart from the core issue of managing waste and allowing for superior maintenance, here are a few reasons that have made lean programming a recognised component in app development.

Data driven guidance

When it comes to developing applications for smartphones, the structure of the program plays a very important role. This is mainly because applications work purely on the basis of structure of code and commands and, any flaw in structure could ruin the expected performance of the app. Lean programming effectively deals with structure issues in programs and notifies users if there are any deviations from the originally developed pseudo code. By doing this, it saves nearly 30 to 50 percent of time consumed for code development.

Modular approach

Similar to the functioning of various other programs that are used for developing apps, Lean programming is also identified on the basis of simple modular approach towards programming. Applications that are in the developing stage can be broken down to various components and can be integrated after individual functionality is tested. Testing has been made even easier with the employment of lean code in app development. Debugging has also become an elementary aspect with the adaptation of lean code to develop apps.

On the whole, with its unique features, Lean code has formed the basis of app development on many mobile operating system platforms.

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