Where will space technology take us next?

Where will space technology take us next?

By | March 18th, 2017
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What excites most about space technologies is that it’s an opportunity

for us to put the best of humanity forward into the future. It enables

international cooperation, courage, boldness and entrepreneurship.


Space technologies will one day take us to asteroids, Mars and back to the moon, and the impact of these missions will be felt back on Earth, says George Whitesides, Chief Executive Officer at Virgin Galactic and co-chair of the Global Future Council on Space Technologies.

The issue of sustainability in space is really crucial. When we talk about sustainability in space, there are a variety of issues.

There is no nationally owned sector of space. It’s all shared, so the responsibility is global. This is the same thing here on Earth, when you look at international waters. The pollution in our waters is an international problem.

By 2030 the perspective of space is truly important to the future of our planet. Before we can act on any particular policy, it is helpful to shift our worldview to a planetary perspective. It’s a crucial element in solving the challenges facing us.

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Nisheeth Bhakuni