Web to mobile, and still learning…

Web to mobile, and still learning…

By | December 6th, 2012
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Ashwin Roychoudhary from Bombil Media shares his journey from the early

days of the web in India to exploring mobile and application development.


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You got into the web business very early. What was your experience back then, and how do you think the industry has changed since?

Web business primarily works on advertising or transactions as avenues to make money. Earlier most business on the web worked on creating websites with unique content, gaining traction and monetising by way of ads. Google and Yahoo! have dominated with more than 70 per cent of ad revenues leaving others with a far smaller share of the pie. The past couple of years have witnessed a growth in transaction-based models with businesses such as Flipkart, Makemytrip and Redbus leading the run.

The past couple of years have witnessed a growth in transaction-based models”

What made you transition?

Web to mobile was a natural transition. Mobile has always excited me. Also, as a medium, it is extremely powerful and delivers more value than all the previous mass media channels put together (print, cinema, radio, TV and web). The always-on-and-always-carried advantage just makes it an extension of our personalities. This device has touched human kind more than anything ever. I feel my company and I can play a vital role leveraging technology in the mobile space to make life easier for people.

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