Vserv stats say: India is an “App Superpower”

Vserv stats say: India is an “App Superpower”

By | March 29th, 2013
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Vserv.mobi - the mobile advertising network has published statistics

related to apps in the Indian market and has concluded that India is

leading the world in app consumption while the app development scene is

equally good.


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The mobile ad network vserv.mobi just published their findings related to app ecosystem in India. The results were published in the form of an interesting infographic image. In essence, the results have turned out to be very positive, which put forth the notion that India is soon going to be an “App Superpower”. The various factors on which the infographic sheds light are related to India’s ranking in the various app stores, ecosystem growth factors, app developer culture, top apps loved by Indians and the opportunities for marketers through apps.

According to the infographic, India is at the 3rd spot in ranking for Google Play Store, while it stands among the best countries with exposure to third party app stores like Mobango, SlideME etc. The top three mobile ecosystem growth factors were listed to be ubiquitous internet connectivity, mobile ready regional content and availability of cheaper smartphones.

Another interesting statistic to be inferred from the infographic was related to the gender and age distribution of the mobile app audience. According to these statistics, around 11 percent of the users were female and a majority i.e. more than 52 percent of the total users were between 18 to 24 years of age.

With regards to education, occupation and income, the maximum users (32 percent) were at least graduates, 34 percent had a full time job, while a whopping 41 percent had earnings between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 20,000. Predictably, a majority of these users (45 percent) were situated in one of the four metro cities.

Some of the top few apps used by Indians include Whatsapp, Opera Mini browser, Saavn, Zomato, Book My Show, Dhingana etc.  There are a lot more details for which you can refer to the original image here.

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