Time to play

Time to play

By | June 6th, 2013
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Nikhil Soman, Founder, Playblazer on the gaming industry from an Indian

point of view as well as the challenges faced by game developers...


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Can you give us a little more background on when and how you started PlayBlazer?

PlayBlazer is actually my second venture after Dialify (a pioneer in audio gaming) and the third in Gaming. After being involved in the gaming industry through Zapak, I came to realise that game developers need to spend large amounts of time and resources – monetary as well as human – when developing games. A large part of this investment goes in processes that are repeated in every studio – particularly for multiplayer games. PlayBlazer was born as a solution to this problem.

PlayBlazer provides game developers a cloud-hosted, multi-tenanted and auto-scaling backend server for their games. In August last year, we began developing our platform and completed a set of key components like player profile management, social graphs for Facebook, leader boards, scoring systems, social publishing & lobby management towards the end of last year.

Currently, we have 5 large studios that have adopted our development framework, with the first game built using Playblazer coming up for a release in early May 2013. We are also working on provisioning and management capabilities that will allow us to launch a self-service provisioning and configuration management front-end and will include real-time provisioning & activation of a virtual game data server for

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all developers. We plan on completing additional components such as notifications, in-game location data, real world location data, turn management & virtual items inventory shortly.

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