Secure Boot booted from Debian 9 ‘Stretch’

Secure Boot booted from Debian 9 ‘Stretch’

By | May 2nd, 2017
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Final release sprint decides to take a hurdle off the track


Debian’s release team has decided to postpone its implementation of Secure Boot.

In a release update from last week, release team member Jonathan Wiltshire wrote that “At a recent team meeting, we decided that support for Secure Boot in the forthcoming Debian 9 ‘stretch” would no longer be a blocker to release. The likely, although not certain outcome is that stretch will not have Secure Boot support.’

“We appreciate that this will be a disappointment to many users and developers,” he continued, “However, we need to balance that with the limited time available for the volunteer teams working on this feature, and the risk of bugs being introduced through rushed development.”

The decision not to offer Secure Boot support at release leaves Debian behind Red Hat and Suse, making it the only one of Linux’s three main branches not to support the technology and the many security enhancements it offers.


Nisheeth Bhakuni