Scientists creates energy-efficient computer memory

Scientists creates energy-efficient computer memory

By | April 21st, 2017
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To make it even more revolutionary, the technology is also a lot greener.


A Vancouver Island chemist has invented a breakthrough material that will make computers and smartphones faster, more durable and more energy-efficient.

The new material, made from technology known as light induced magnetoresistive random-access memory (LI-RAM), uses light instead of electricity to store and process data.

“You’ll be able to store a lot more data on a cellphone, on a computer, it will be a lot thinner,” said Natia Frank.

The University of Victoria materials scientist developed the item as part of an international effort to reduce the power consumption and heat produced by modern computer processors.

“It really is the holy grail of computing,” CTV tech analyst Carmi Levy said. “This could be the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for.”

Overheating won’t be an issue with the LI-RAM because the light system could produce almost no heat.


Nisheeth Bhakuni