Samsung rumoured to be developing its own browser

Samsung rumoured to be developing its own browser

By | September 28th, 2012
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Hoping to improve the stock browsing experience of its Galaxy phones,

Samsung is expected to be developing a Webkit based browser and is looking

for Webkit developers.


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A recent survey conducted by Chitika said that a lot of mobile users generally use the stock browser more than installing other replacements. What’s more, iOS users were actually found to be more adventurous than their Android counterparts, 91 percent of whom stuck to the Android Browser while only 85 percent of the iOS users stuck to Safari. This has led Samsung to make a browser of its own, if reports by a Korean newspaper are true. According to the source, Samsung has advertised the positions available for WebKit developers, which led to speculation that the company might indeed be working on its own proprietary browser based on WebKit.

In an attempt to differentiate its Galaxy line-up of devices, the manufacturer might want to develop a browser to improve the stock Android experience and integrate its own custom developed one to provide its users with a better overall experience. It is important to know that Android as a platform mostly remains the same across all manufacturers and devices besides the custom UI of these manufacturers. As a result, these manufacturers are always looking at an opportunity to make the experience of their own devices special than the others by adding their proprietary additions.

The browser if released, will be in direct competition with Google Chrome for mobile, which is available for Android 4.0 and above. Some other browsers like Opera Mini and Dolphin are also popular among users, which Samsung will have to trump in order to be successful.

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