RIM updates its BlackBerry 10 Developer Program

RIM updates its BlackBerry 10 Developer Program

By | December 1st, 2012
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Research in Motion is driving the ecosystem for its developer community

withTools updates, new rewards, hardware opportunities, and revenue

commitments to help drive further momentum.


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Research In Motion (RIM) has gone all in with its efforts to mobilise developers towards building great apps for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform. During the BlackBerry Jam session at Bangkok recently, the communications giant announced updates to its developer ecosystem programs, including a newer BlackBerry Dev Alpha “C” test device, and an enticing 10k developer commitment, with updated tools and more.

Speaking at the BB Jam event in Bangkok this morning, a series of company executives — including VP of developer relations Alec Saunders — demoed upcoming apps, announced the renaming of BlackBerry App World to BlackBerry World, and plans for a QWERTY alpha device for developers.

“Developers asked for hardware to test their apps, and we delivered. They asked for the roadmap about the tools, and we posted it. They asked for RIM to show our confidence in developer success, and we’re doing it. We’ve continued to refine and add on to our developer programs to ensure we are giving developers the best opportunities for success with BlackBerry 10,” said Alec Saunders.

RIM is set to woo developers with some new updates in its hardware shelling spree. The BlackBerry Dev Alpha program is expanding to include a BlackBerry Dev Alpha C test device for developers who want to test applications on a BlackBerry 10 device with a physical keyboard. In addition to that, there’s the BlackBerry Dev Alpha Device Swap program. Developers currently testing their applications on BlackBerry Dev Alpha test devices can now apply to be eligible for a limited edition BlackBerry 10 device. RIM will swap a BlackBerry Dev Alpha test device for a limited edition BlackBerry 10 smartphone after the launch.

Developers asked for RIM to show its confidence in developer success, and we’re doing it”

In addition to hardware, RIM has announced distinct recognition to apps that are found to be high in quality. Developers can submit their apps for the Built for BlackBerry certification once the app has been submitted on BlackBerry® World and approved for sale. Selected apps would signify a high-level of quality for customers. RIM has previously announced that it would top up the amount an eligible developer earns on a BlackBerry 10 app to $10,000, if the app has been approved through the Built for BlackBerry program, and has earned a minimum of $1,000 over 12 months.

The BlackBerry 10 SDKs also get their latest update today. This update will add support for installing the BlackBerry 10 IDE on Mac OS X, an update to the Visual Studio Plug-In beta, forward compatibility for BlackBerry® WebWorks™ HTML5 apps, sensor and orientation APIs for BlackBerry WebWorks, and more. The BlackBerry 10 SDKs will come out of beta (BlackBerry Gold SDK) into full launch on December 11, 2012.

In addition to the SDK update, The BlackBerry App Generator, powered by Mippin was also introduced. The App Generator can turn online content (RSS, Facebook brand/fan pages, blogs, online galleries, etc.) into a great looking native BlackBerry app within minutes. The BlackBerry App Generator can automatically take current BlackBerry App generator apps and create a BlackBerry 10 application, and publish it on BlackBerry World in time for the launch of BlackBerry 10.

Last but not the least, we had the RIM and Appcelerator nexus. The two companies are working together to offer developers a unique opportunity to port their apps with Appcelerator’s Titanium platform and be rewarded for their efforts. The first 100 Appcelerator developers will receive a BlackBerry Dev Alpha test device once their applications have been submitted for review on BlackBerry World. Up to 10,000 developers will receive one year of free Appcelerator Cloud Services and Analytics once their apps are approved and up for sale on BlackBerry World.

In other story, Goldman Sachs joined the increasing number of analysts who have warmed to the prospects of a successful introduction of the new BlackBerry 10 devices, which happens to be RIM’s last ditch effort to regain the ground lost to other players in the mobile industry. With the latest BlackBerry 10 Developer Program enhancements, and the welcome climb in the share prices induced arguably by the arrival of Goldman Sachs, RIM is all set for the launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform this January.

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