RIM announces availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

RIM announces availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

By | January 24th, 2013
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RIM has announced the launch of its Blackberry Enterprise Service 10, which

offers Enterprise Mobility Management of BYOD as well as corporate devices

across multiple platforms like Android and iOS too.


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RIM has announced that its Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 was just released and made available for download yesterday. This is a service that repackages its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) product and allows management of mobile applications and security of Blackberry smartphones, PlayBook and the new BB10 devices along with a unified console for Android as well as iOS devices. The new updated service allows for corporate devices as well as those that are part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

Until now, Blackberry was often criticized by other platform users for not allowing complete management of multi platform mobile devices. This very factor has been a special focus of Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 which provides a unified web administration console and also allows for Blackberry Balance Technology which separates work and personal data on BB10 devices.

As quoted from the Blackberry for Business blog, the main features of BES 10 include:

  • Manage all BlackBerry, iOS, and Android devices, including the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones
  • Application management for internal corporate apps or public apps from BlackBerry World (formerly BlackBerry App World) through BlackBerry World for Work
  • Easy over-the-air activation for end users
  • Enhanced IT policies

Commenting on the new service availability, Jack Gold, principal analyst of J.Gold Associates, LLC said, “Products that manage multiple platforms, while at the same time enabling the segregation of personal and corporate data, represent an optimum solution by offering the lowest total cost of ownership, most end-user friendly, and highest security approach to enterprise mobility”

The BES 10 platform is available for a free 60 day trial and can be downloaded from here.

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