RHEL and OpenJDK break revolutionary benchmarks in Java execution

RHEL and OpenJDK break revolutionary benchmarks in Java execution

By | April 8th, 2013
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Red Hat announced that OpenJDK 7 running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

broke all earlier records of Critical Java Operations per Second

performance metric on the SPECjbb2013 benchmark. This is expected to show

the much faster java execution speeds with OpenJDK software on the RHEL



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Red Hat – the leading open source provider which is known for its contribution and support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux announced that it broke all earlier benchmarks of Java for performance of OpenJDK 7 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. The company said that the benchmark in question (SPECjbb2013) is developed by a standard performance measurement organization called Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC).

According to the blog post, Red Hat also worked on developing this benchmark which is set to replace the earlier version i.e. SPECjbb2005. The metric called Critical Java Operations per Second (JOPS) showed that it was Red Had Enterprise Linux 6 while running OpenJDK 7, that led the pack in terms of raw numbers which was closely followed by Oracle Solaris on the second spot.

These benchmarks have been developed keeping all kinds of audience like Java Application developers, JVM vendors, hardware makers and researchers in mind. Java performance has been an important aspect to application developers as the speed of execution needs to continue to improve at a rate which needs to be much faster than before, specially keeping in mind how Java isn’t known too well in terms of top notch performance. This shows how there is much more to improve in terms of execution.

“Achieving a superior benchmark result demonstrates the powerful performance capabilities of OpenJDK and highlights Red Hat’s commitment to driving the future of Java,” said Jim Totton, vice president and general manager, Platform, Red Hat. “We are focused on extending our enterprise platform leadership into Java and providing our customers with an open source solution that features better overall performance and maximum throughput for critical applications.”

OpenJDK is an open source solution which has been providing a great alternative to Oracle’s proprietary JDK and is being used equally well in the Linux environment.

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