Qt 5 Released by Digia

Qt 5 Released by Digia

By | December 23rd, 2012
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Digia the current owners of Qt have finally released a major update to the

framework, Qt 5.


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Digia the current owners of Qt have finally released a major update to the framework, Qt 5. Qt is a cross-platform C++-based toolkit that can be used to develop applications for a growing number of platforms. Currently Qt applications can run on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, with ports for Android and iOS upcoming. Qt 5 is a major update over Qt 4—which was released nearly seven years ago—but there has been a lot of effort put into maintaining backwards-compatibility as far as possible. Most applications will require few changes and will simply work as expected with Qt 5. Qt now also support C++11. Even so Qt 5 improves four aspects of the Qt technology:

  • First and foremost is Qt Platform Abstraction which as its name suggests is a platform abstraction layer. This makes it easier to port Qt to newer platforms.
  • Secondly, QML support has been strengthened making JavaScript an important and integral component of Qt, and viable option for building apps. Qt WebKit has been updated to v2.
  • Qt now has even better graphic capabilities thanks to Qt Quick 2. It takes advantage of hardware acceleration with
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    Open GL ES, shaders etc. to give the best performance even on mobile, and constrained platforms such as the Raspberry Pi.

  • Finally, with the launch of the Qt Project, Qt governance is now in the hands of the community, so both development governance are both open.

An important architectural change that comes with Qt 5 is that it is now split into different modules and libraries so only the features needed by an application need to be included. It now has the following modules:

  • Essentials: Qt Core, Qt GUI, Qt Multimedia, Qt Network, Qt Qml, Qt Quick, Qt SQL, Qt Test, Qt WebKit, Qt WebKit Widgets, Qt Widgets.
  • Add-ons: Qt D-Bus, Qt Graphical Effects, Qt Image Formats, Qt OpenGL, Qt Print Support, Qt Declarative, Qt Script, Qt Script Tools, Qt SVG, Qt XML and Qt XML Patterns.

You can see the full list of new features at the Qt Project website and can download it for the platform of your choice from here. The next release, which will be Qt 5.1, is planned for Spring 2013, with a patch release 5.0.1 coming planned for release before January end.

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