Oracle flexes its Cloud muscles with CloudWorld held in Mumbai

Oracle flexes its Cloud muscles with CloudWorld held in Mumbai

By | April 3rd, 2013
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Oracle held a CloudWorld event to show off its Cloud offerings to partners

in the Cloud technology market. More than 1000 business leaders from major

organizations across India attended the event to discuss various

partnership programs that were announced at the event.


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Oracle got to show its prowess in the Cloud market with the CloudWorld event held in Mumbai today. There were a total of 30 speakers at the event, who along with more than 1000 senior decision makers in the industry discussed the cloud offerings provided by Oracle. These included high level executives from companies like, Tata Sky, Bharti Airtel, JP Morgan, Reliance Communications and Wipro among others. Oracle CloudWorld 2013 was kicked off at Dubai in January this year and will be held across the globe at cities like London, Mexico City, Munich, New York City, Singapore and Tokyo etc.

“Oracle’s long history of technology innovation along with seven years of relentless engineering and key strategic acquisitions has enabled us to launch the most comprehensive cloud offerings in the world,” said Sandeep Mathur, Managing Director, Oracle India. “The India marketplace is absolutely ready for large scale cloud adoption and we look forward to supporting our customers in their business transformation journeys.”

With this event, Oracle also announced a new set of Cloud partner programs which included Oracle Cloud Builder Specialization, Oracle Cloud Referral program, Oracle Cloud Specialization Featuring RapidStart, Oracle Cloud Resale Program and Oracle Platform Services for ISVs. Oracle said that its Cloud offerings provide solutions to all avenues of business development like customer experience management, sales and marketing and also critical functions like human capital management, talent management, financial management, procurement, project management and governance, risk and compliance among others. In essence, Oracle has been trying to build across almost all of the business functions while incorporating some of the most sought after features like mobile, social, Business Intelligence and Analytics. Sunil Jose, Vice President of Applications at Oracle India said, “Today Oracle’s cloud offerings span public and private clouds and extend to every level of

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our product portfolio: applications, middleware, database, servers, storage, networking, and associated operating systems and virtualization software.”

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