Nokia introduces HERE mapping services across all platforms

Nokia introduces HERE mapping services across all platforms

By | November 15th, 2012
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Nokia has announced a string of updates and a rebranding to its mapping

services. Besides Lumia phones, it is also opening up to iOS and Android

devices which are soon to receive a bounty of Here maps and an SDK for the

Android platform.


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Going upbeat on the demand of its mapping services, Nokia has launched these under a new brand called Here maps. This includes a new iOS app to be available soon, along with significant focus on expanding across all mobile platforms by releasing software development tools and SDKs focusing on the Android platform. There is also an online website version which can be accessed from The move is apparently aimed at attracting developers who will use Nokia’s mapping content to create location aware applications. The mapping service has a number of features associated with it including offline maps, “Collections” for saving personalized data related to places relevant to the users, driving directions and public transport which seems to be quite relevant even in Indian context. Nokia also took its wraps off “Livesight”, which was described as “a technology based on a highly accurate, 3D map of the world, which provides the most precise and intuitive augmented reality experience.” Nokia City Lens is one of the few apps that uses this technology.

Nokia will be speeding up its 3D mapping operations by buying out a new company called Earthmine which will enable it to make 3D information like the Nokia City Lens available to users in more than 30 countries by next year, though this specific feature is expected to be restricted to Nokia phones only. What should make Nokia’s maps click in comparison to Apple Maps in the near future is this very strategy of making them available across all the major platforms including Apple iPhone, Android and of course Windows Phone 8 via its Lumia devices.

Nokia will also be partnering with Mozilla to bring Nokia Maps to Firefox OS. This goes on show that it is no longer keen on promoting Nokia Maps as a feature specific to its Windows Phone 8 devices, rather it is looking to generate a good revenue stream from licensing its maps and leverage the advertising opportunities that arise from this move. It has however made clear that Nokia will not charge developers accessing data through its SDK.

It will be interesting to see how the competition in the mapping services sector turns out and which mapping service is actually able to give a good competition to Google maps which is obviously the best in the field for now.

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