Careers in Mobile App Development – An Insight

Careers in Mobile App Development – An Insight

By | August 11th, 2012
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With technology taking over every aspect of our lives and mobile technology

taking over in an unprecedented way, there is a career opportunity waiting

to explode (has already creating tremors) in the field of mobile apps



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With the host of Android and iPhone applications crossing half a million downloads in numbers, the market and demand for new and innovative apps is growing stronger with each passing day. Needless to say, its a merry time for developers and since the vast and untapped Indian developer market has already made its mark on the world map, job market for mobile apps developers is hot!

As the adage goes, striking when the iron is hot is the thing to do for a great career. However, there are other factors that our developers (both fresh and experienced) need to understand before blindly leaping into the world of mobile apps.

First, recognise your own strength, for not all mobile apps platforms are the same. If you have a background in Java, it’s advisable to look at Android development as a career advancement option. Those with a good understanding of OOPS concepts and willing to delve further can take up iOS development on Xcode.

If you’re not a programmer, and still want to be an app developer, there is hope for you too. There are many simple app development tools such as Phonegap where you can develop apps in a much simpler way, often without the need for any programming skills. However, there are certain limitations to apps created this way, but nonetheless suffice the purpose.

As a developer, in other forms of software development and programming, you’re primarily required to write down the code and there are other people or teams to take care of pre and post coding activities. However, mobile app developers are often expected to perform many non-coding tasks such as prototyping, designing and releasing the apps on distribution platforms.

Another very important factor to be considered is your own flexibility in working with various teams and industries. Today, mobile apps developers are being hired by a variety of industries and not just the IT Industry. Due to the very nature of mobile apps distribution platforms and their availability to masses, these apps have become an important tool for marketing and branding activities for companies. So, in many cases, mobile apps development teams are directly controlled by marketing teams of companies than the usual IT hierarchy. This could, at times, be uncomfortable for those used to working in hardcore coding teams.

Though Android and iOS app development careers have left others far behind in the race but today’s dynamic markets require you to be prepared at all times and stay in the learning mode, just in case Windows Phone took off – you never know.

Those wanting to be their own boss are also more than welcome in this industry, as companies are even open to hiring developers as freelancers. So, you could work the way you like at your own terms and get paid stupendously!

For the enterprising ones, there has never been a dearth of career options and mobile apps have only widened the openings as these are fairly easy to market using the social media. Also, all mobile development platforms provide an easy to use market access both for developers and users/buyers.

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