Microsoft Office Suite coming to Android and iOS in 2013

Microsoft Office Suite coming to Android and iOS in 2013

By | October 16th, 2012
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Google is taking word editing very seriously and this move could be the

main reason behind Microsoft's push to quickly get Office on Android and



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Microsoft is shedding of its image of being a company that only supports its own platform. In order to give itself a makeover, the company is turning into something else. Earlier this year, a Microsoft source leaked the info that the full Office 2013 suite for Android and iOS platforms would be coming by the end of this year.

Now, it seem that deadline has been pushed back. According to a report from a Microsoft product manager in the Czech Republic, Office for Android and iOS devices is slated for a 2013 release. Though he didn’t specify the date, he did mention that this will happen after the month of March, which means Android and iOS users are in for a long wait.

According to a company statement, “In addition to Windows, Office will also be available on other operating systems: Windows Phone, Windows RT, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Symbian.”

Do not confuse Windows RT with Windows. Windows RT is a dumbed down version of Windows that runs on ARM processors, while full fledged Windows will be kicking it on the x86 architecture.

It is very surprising to see Microsoft adopting this course and supporting other platforms too. But as things are right now, the company didn’t had much choice other than taking this route. In past past couple of years, Ecosystem, and not hardware, has been the selling point of every major product these. If a company like Microsoft wants to grow its ecosystem substantially and keep its fanbase locked, Microsoft services cannot be exclusive to just Windows alone.

If users like what they see with Office for Android and iOS, there are chances that they will consider potentially purchasing a Microsoft hardware product for a better experience overall.

Not too long ago, Google acquired Quick Office, which is a direct Microsoft Office competitor. It looks like Google is not taking word editing very lightly and this move could be the vital reason behind Microsoft’s effort to quickly get Office on Android and iOS.

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