Microsoft launches Modern.IE to help cross-platform web app testing

Microsoft launches Modern.IE to help cross-platform web app testing

By | February 1st, 2013
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Microsoft is making a large push to help web developers with the launch of

Modern.IE. This new site will aim at helping the developers code more

efficiently by offering two tools to do so.


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Despite Microsoft preferring to change this, many users still have confidence in the older versions of Internet Explorer. For developers, it means investing more hours on testing their web apps to make sure they work on IE8 and IE7.

Microsoft has worked hard on making IE9 and IE10 compatible with standards like HTML5 and CSS3 and is fully apprehensive of this problem. That’s the reason it launched modern.IE to “make it easier for developers to ensure their sites work beautifully across Internet Explorer as well as other modern browsers.”

Microsoft Launches Modern.IE to facilitates the developers to test their web apps for legacy and modern versions Of IE.

Microsoft general manager for Internet Explorer Ryan Gavin said that modern.IE constitutes of a number of free tools and resources, including a scanner that checks for common issues that may make a site adverse with modern and legacy versions of IE. Gavin noted that the scanner checks a given page to find common affinity problems with the libraries and frameworks the developer used. It then advises solutions and provides developers with information about which version of a given framework like jQuery offers the best compatibility.

Microsoft found this problem surprisingly big. More than 40% of the top 5000 sites by traffic and volume are found to be using an outdated framework or library that may lead to compatibility issue with the latest version of IE and other new browsers. It also found that 20% of these top 5000 sites currently use vendor-specific prefixes (-moz, -ms, -webkit, etc.) that can lead to compatibility problems.

The majority of these sites also use browser detection and often aid incompatible sites to IE9 and 10 as they can’t make out that these new versions of IE are no more exactly the legacy browsers.

Adjoining to the scanner, Microsoft will also work directly with developers when it identifies site-specific issues that can’t be made public through the scanner.

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