Microsoft announces release of Windows Embedded 8

Microsoft announces release of Windows Embedded 8

By | March 21st, 2013
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Mirosoft just announced the release of Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Pro

editions for OEMs and Businesses for use in embedded environments including

specialized hardware.


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Windows 8 Embedded Standard and Pro were released by Microsoft recently, which is a version of Windows for devices in embedded environments that are conventionally not in the form factor of normal computers. This helps it build on the strategy of selling software for “Internet of things”. This can span across various types of Industry specific hardware and devices that need an intelligent computing operating system that resembles the computing environment like Windows.

“Edge devices connected and working in unison with an enterprise’s broader IT infrastructure unleash the potential of the Internet of Things by yielding the actionable data and operational intelligence that drive businesses forward,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager of Windows Embedded at Microsoft.  “From the rich, familiar experience of Windows to integrated management, analytics and cloud platforms, Windows Embedded 8 coupled with the full breadth of Microsoft technologies for intelligent systems helps enterprises gain lasting competitive advantages in retail, manufacturing, healthcare and a variety of industries.”

The standard edition is available for download at the Windows 8 Embedded website and at the download center.  The Pro edition is also available for OEMs to help build systems and devices with Windows 8 inside them, which is just a fuller and more complete version which includes all the features that may have been stripped out from the standard edition. The windows 8 Embedded Industry edition is a fixed platform solution which will be made available in April first week and is made for point of service devices in manufacturing, Healthcare, retail and other domains like financial services. As of now it is only available in the form of a release preview which can again be accessed from the Windows 8 Embedded website.

The website provides further details in the form of whitepapers and documentation along with videos aimed at both OEMs and businesses. It also lists a number of partners which have decided to work with Microsoft like Dell, PAR, HP, Omnicell etc.

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