Microsoft announces big update to Youtube app for Windows Phone

Microsoft announces big update to Youtube app for Windows Phone

By | May 9th, 2013
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Windows Phone has just received a fully integrated windows phone app with

loads of new features and a redesigned interface. This update is also

likely to reach Windows Phone 7.5 users in the coming few weeks.


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Windows Phone 8 has received a major update to the Youtube app. The new app has been redesigned from the ground up and has received new features like ability to pin videos, playlists and channels. Whats more, it now even has the ability to play the video in the background, even if the screen is locked. There are also a couple of Windows Phone specific features like having youtube subscriptions to appear as live tiles which regularly flip to show the latest one in the list. It also integrates with the kids corner system to limit the availability of videos which are not safe to be viewable by kids. Besides subscriptions, even searches can be pinned

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to the homescreen to show the latest videos that appear in the search results for a search query. Earlier, the Windows Phone Youtube app was just a reflection of the Youtube mobile interface which had severly limited features and had hardly any integration with the OS. Now, that a natively integrated app has been released by Microsoft, there is no reason for Windows Phone Users to complain. According to the blog post announcing this update, there is also a separate update for Windows Phone 7.5 coming in the next few weeks with some similar features. The new app can be downloaded from the Windows Store here, if you don’t already have the old one installed on your phone, in which case it should just show up as an update.

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