Messaging in the age of smartphones

Messaging in the age of smartphones

By | February 3rd, 2013
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In an age where smartphones are growing at a phenomenal rate, here's what

you could expect. Is there more to IM? We spoke to Sunil Shetty, mobile

developer, eBuddy to find out.


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ebuddy as an alternative to text messaging has been existing since a long while. What are your expectations in the future?

Although eBuddy Chat as an IM tool has been around since 2003, launching world’s first, independent web-browser based instant messaging service, it launched XMS- real-time messaging app for smartphones in March 2011. The root of our company is providing the mobile messaging service to its users and continuously adding new features to the services we offer for them. We expect younger consumers will increasingly prefer IM to text messaging. And we are already seeing that shift happening looking at the declining SMS figures. Hence we aim at providing the best and the latest services to our users so that they can easily graduate from the SMS age to the XMS age.

There is no dearth of applications these days, as there are phenomenal levels of fragmentation in platforms. How does XMS stand out?

It is very well agreed that there is a huge chunk of specialised messaging platforms available in the market now and XMS is also a part of those applications. Therefore we ensure that we have maximum number of features available at XMS such as allowing users to chat cross platform, ability to communicate via text, pictures or video we also have a web companion to our app, so that a user can have the option of having the ease of using the big desktop screen if required.

Some cross platform messaging products such as WhatsApp offer a limited period access to its users. What would the strategy be with XMS? Would it stay free, or are there plans to make it a paid solution in the future?

At the moment XMS is available for free across all platforms. We don’t have any plans of making it paid in the near future.

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