Intel releasing its own Hadoop software system

Intel releasing its own Hadoop software system

By | March 5th, 2013
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New Intel distribution for Apache Hadoop software features best of Intel

computing hardware, software for improved performance and security.


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Intel’s mainstay business of equipping personal computers is slowing down and that’s the reason it is looking out for new ways to kick-start its semiconductor sales. From financing in the development of new kinds of laptops to investing in Internet-based television, it has tried all. Now it is turning its eye on the booming Big Data.

In order to make sure that more organizations and people can use the huge amount of data that is being generated, collected and stored everyday, Intel Corporation is releasing the availability of Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software (Intel Distribution). This offering includes Intel Manager for Apache Hadoop software and is developed from the silicon up to deliver industry-leading performance along with improved security features.

Big data’s ability to analyze and make sense has a great potential to change society by allowing new scientific discoveries, business models and consumer experiences. But not all are able to extract meaning from all of this information. This is because either the the technologies, techniques and skills available today are either too stiff for the data types or too expensive to deploy.

Hadoop is an open source software product for storing and processing large chunks of diverse data on a scalable array of servers that has become as the favorite platform for managing big data. There are even even more information coming from billions of sensors and intelligent systems present across the globe. Hence the framework must stay open and scalable beside delivering on the urgent requirements of enterprise-grade performance, security and manageability.

“People and machines are producing valuable information that could enrich our lives in so many ways, from pinpoint accuracy in predicting severe weather to developing customized treatments for terminal diseases,” said Boyd Davis, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Datacenter Software Division.”Intel is committed to contributing its enhancements made to use all of the computing horsepower available to the open source community to provide the industry with a better foundation from which it can push the limits of innovation and realize the transformational opportunity of big data.”

Built on Apache Hadoop, Intel is releasing an innovative open platform which can match with the rapid evolution of big data analytics. The Intel Distribution is the first to provide complete encryption with support of Intel AES New Instructions (Intel AES-NI) in the Intel Xeon processor. Organizations by including silicon-based encryption support of the Hadoop Distributed File System, can now more solidly examine their data sets without compromising on performance.

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