Intel launches HTML5 app development tools

Intel launches HTML5 app development tools

By | April 15th, 2013
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Intel released a new set of HTML5 tools at its ongoing Intel Developer

Forum being held in beijing. The company says that this platform resembles

a lot and is inspired from Appmobi's HTML5 platform.


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Intel has launched a new software development offering in the form of the software development platform for HTML5 apps at the Intel Developer Forum which is going on in Beijing. According to the company, it resembles very closely to AppMobi’s HTML5 tools. These set of tools include an App Dev Center, Intel XDK (Cross Platform Development Kit), App Frameworks, App Game Interfaces and an App Starter package.

The company’s website reveals Intel’s motive behind such a platform by saying, “Intel believes it is important to help experienced developers transition to this cross-platform approach and aid new developers to quickly get up to speed with this exciting new approach so that they can deploy their apps & games on nearly all modern computing platforms.” This website includes blog updates by Intel related to hackathons and other events being organized by Intel around the world. The documentation, in-depth videos and discussion forums are also a welcome addition.

Overall, the whole set of tools includes all sorts of tools to learn, develop, test, build and deploy the HTML5 to multiple platforms like Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Android and iOS. Developers will also be able to aim for multiple app stores at the same time like the Amazon App Store, Google Play, Facebook App Center, Google Chrome Web Store, Mozilla Web Store etc.

The App Starter package provides a readymade app template which is able to generate the initial framework code. Other tools like the App Porter Tool allows developers port specific apps from iOS to HTML5. There are a lot of tutorials and samples on the Intel website which can be accessed here for more details.

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