InMobi: Study shows mobile users are increasingly comfortable with ads

InMobi: Study shows mobile users are increasingly comfortable with ads

By | March 7th, 2013
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A study of more than 15,000 users has revealed that mobile ads are becoming

one of the best ways to influence a users purchase, owing to the fact that

mobile phones are one of the devices that get the most user attention

throughout the day.


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The mobile technology company and advertising network InMobi has announced the results of its study where it has brought up a lot of interesting statistics related to the mobile advertising space. The study was conducted across more than 15000 users and more than 14 countries in the world with the help of its research partners namely Decision Fuel and OnDevice Research.

The overall conclusion behind the study has been the fact that mobile content and interactions are definitely changing the way users make purchases online. Naveen Tewari, CEO and co-founder at InMobi said, “Mobile devices now permeate every aspect of modern life. The study reveals that mobile users are always-on, whether surfing the web while spending time with family (48%), at a social event (45%), commuting (60%) and shopping (43%). This creates a huge opportunity for brands and marketers to engage with consumers throughout the day unlike traditional advertising like print and TV.”

According to the study, more than 46% respondents said that they had made a purchase using their mobile phone and almost 45% admitted the influence of mobile advertising affecting their purchase. Mobile apps have certainly been a wonderful way to bring content to the user and according to the statistics, an average user was reported to use around 6.5 apps actively across a 30 day period.

The statistics related to ads in mobile apps also had some very positive figures where almost 54% users reported noticing ads in mobile apps and 67% visited the brands website immediately after viewing the ad. Surprisingly a whopping 80% users downloaded an app after being influenced by its ad. This can obviosly be concluded to believe that advertising in mobile apps is one of the best way to grab the eye balls among users on mobile phones.

Naveen Tewari further said, “This study reiterates the industry stats on the mobile media consumption boom. With consumers now being increasingly receptive to mobile advertising and in-app ads, there has never been a better time for brands to embrace the use of mobile technologies.”

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