Google updates its Android developer console

Google updates its Android developer console

By | October 16th, 2012
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Google has made a public beta of its new Android developer console

available. It features the ability to track statistics related to user

ratings and an overhauled publishing workflow.


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Google has finally made available its new developer console for the Play Store. It was earlier demoed at its I/O conference before and was being worked on since then. The new developer console has been made opt in for now and can be accessed by going to its new location or by clicking “Try the new version” in the header of the older one. Google has said in its blog that though the console is being released as a public beta, some features are yet to be developed and finalised. The new version of the developer console has an overhauled UI and gives the ability to track the statistics related to the app like user ratings that can be filtered according to various criteria like Android version, Device, Country, Language, App version, Carrier etc. There is also an update to the publishing process which has been tweaked and other features like automatic translation of the apps listing on the web.

Android user ratings

These developments look like continuing efforts from Google to iron out all the quirks in the Play Store from the developer as well as user perspective. Android has the maximum number of users worldwide, but been trailing iOS in terms of developers and number of apps. Though it has started getting better attention from developers as monetisation opportunities improve and the platform becomes more profitable.

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