Google to let developers retort to user reviews

Google to let developers retort to user reviews

By | January 17th, 2013
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Google is doing everything possible to make its Play Store more accessible

for developers by allowing them to respond to user comments.


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Google is doing every bit to build its Play Store more approachable for both users and developers. Reports suggest that it is now granting top application developers in Google Play to respond to user comments straightly through the Web interface.

From Google’s side it is a new development after it started bringing in some changes and alterations to increase the benefits of app reviews in the Google Play Store. With an aim to allow the developers to have the opportunity to respond to several user comments, this process got started last year. This facility would now allow them to explain the misconceptions or look in to specific issues.

Later, the company propelled the Google+ integration with the Play Store, prompting users to leave behind their real names when posting such reviews.

The changes which we are witnessing are not just for the top developers in the Play Store, but also for all those who have developed an app for the Google Play. This is in contrast to some reports which state that the feature is only meant for well-established developers with high-traffic apps and not working for everyone. Nevertheless, the new feature also encourages more interaction between developers and users on Google Play.

“Just recently, our buddy Dave Kover (aka Kovdev) found that he has the ability to do the same, as well as other app developers that aren’t considered ‘huge’,” a Droid Life report states. “This new features gives a direct line between consumers and developers, which is great for both parties.”

Last time Google fashioned such a whopping change to its Play Store policies was in November last year. It was brought in when the company associated the Play Store with Google+. At that time, it was reported that all the app reviews were attributed to “A Google User.”

It was also expected that it would entice the users at some point to link their reviews with their real names via their Google+ accounts, but at that time it was not clear when exactly would it do that.

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