Google reveals Android 4.2 on Nexus 4

Google reveals Android 4.2 on Nexus 4

By | October 30th, 2012
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Google has announced tablets bundled with Android 4.2 on its blog. The new

version is likely to bring a few feature enhancements along with under the

hood improvements, details on which are expected to be revealed soon, once

the source code is released for everyone.


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Google has announced a new set of Nexus devices bundled with Android 4.2 called Nexus 4 (smartphone), and Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 (tablets), available in the different screen sizes evident from their names. The new version doesn’t really have a name associated with it and is being termed as “a new flavor of Jelly Bean” itself by the company.

This is definitely great for Google on the hardware front since it will have devices for all sizes and will finally be catering to needs of the users who have always wanted a 10 inch Android tablet for long. But it also makes problems worse for a platform which is already grappling with an acute shortage of tablet specific apps and is only likely to increase the fragmentation among android devices. Though Google has been trying hard to combat these issues, the effort and quality of outcome has just not been enough to stem the root of the problem.

There are quite a few feature enhancements it sports that might be relevant to app developers like the quick settings in notifications drop down, miracast wireless media streaming, lock screen widgets and the most important of all – the multiple profiles support. This single feature opens hundreds of new creative possibilities like separate high scores in games for separate users, separate email and even a separate homescreen for different users of the same device. The platform now also supports better accessibility features like a dedicated gesture mode for blind people.

It is yet unknown when the actual source code and documentation will be made available while hurricane Sandy on the east coast of USA has already derailed Google’s plans of holding an event demonstrating the new releases. Hopefully we will receive more developer related information soon and then we’ll be able to put out a detailed coverage of the new version.

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