Google forgets December in Android 4.2

Google forgets December in Android 4.2

By | November 19th, 2012
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In an embarrassment of sorts, Google has managed to skip the month of

December from the Date Picker in its People/Contacts application.


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Google has landed itself an embarrassing bug in the release of Android 4.2 as it somehow missed mentioning the month of December in the Date Picker of People or Contacts app. The result is the fact that people are unable to choose December for birthday, anniversary or pretty much anything that involves the date field. The date spinner, while selecting the month field skips straight to January after November. datepickerbug   According to Android Police, Google managed to acknowledge the bug only yesterday when reports about this issue became public while the bug itself was reported almost 3 days ago. Further comments in the bug report suggest that the bug seems to be restricted only to Android 4.2 release and that too in the People app, the one while creating events in Google Calendar seems to be working fine. This also happens to be a GUI problem as the dates being synchronized with Google Mail Contacts seem to be working properly. The main question that remains is, how did such a huge company with so many QA testers at its disposal manage to miss such a significant and obvious bug which could have been spotted easily if thorough testing was conducted. This might lead some people to conclude that the recent Android 4.2 release was deliberately rushed and it could have done much better in terms of overall software quality too. There

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has been no reply from Google yet, as to when exactly this will be fixed and when an update will be published to users. Since it might significantly impact the usage of the application and also because December itself seems to be approaching soon, it sure has to be fixed on priority.

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