Google data centres could boost services in India

Google data centres could boost services in India

By | January 2nd, 2013
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Google is setting up data centres in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, with

special focus on India. This is expected to speed up Google services in the

country like YouTube and Google Hangout by more than 30pc.


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Google is all set to start operating three new data centers in Asia at Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. According to a report, the three centers will help Google in catering to markets like India, which has a significant usage owning to its huge population. The resulting benefits will be that we will get access to Google services at a much faster speed and this difference is expected to result in more than 30pc efficiency. One of these at Singapore is expected to get up and running soon in the first half of 2013, while Taiwan will be ready later in the year. However, nothing specific has been said about Hong Kong, which can only lead us to speculate that it could be early 2014.

The company has been working hard to appease its users in such emerging like India, where its Android platform has been a much bigger hit than Apple due to its availability on low cost mobile phones. Lalitesh Katragadda, Country Head, India Products at Google told Economic Times, “Internet connectivity speed in India is not very high. These data centres will be crucial to this market due to its proximity.” According to him, the search giant did not contemplate setting up a center in India because of its hot weather, which would require higher costs to maintain the data centre.

Google acknowledged that at present services like YouTube and Google Hangout were not giving optimal speeds, which will drastically improve once these data centers start working.

As more and more Indians start getting online, it would be an obvious step for the company to start investing in the Indian market and work towards providing better services and availability here. It has already spent around $300 million in building these three data centers to facilitate the next 500 million people that are expected to / cialis viagra / nizagara vs viagra / cheap levitra / cialys ou viagra

come online as opposed to only 15 million in America.

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