Google announces ‘Great Online Shopping Festival’ on 12-12-12

Google announces ‘Great Online Shopping Festival’ on 12-12-12

By | December 9th, 2012
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Google is organising a day long shopping marathon, when it will be

partnering with more than 50 online retailers to offer huge deals and

discounts on their existing products, in what would be a boost to

entrepreneurs and developers targetting the ecommerce space.


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The festive season is nearing with Christmas and New Years’ round the corner, and Google is leaving no stone unturned to help promote the eCommerce industry. The search giant is organising a day long shopping marathon on 12/12/12, when more than 50 online retailers will offer massive discounts and deals on their existing products. In a country where buyers have always been wary of purchasing products online, slowly many online stores have opened up in the recent years.

Several retail websites such as,, and travel websites such as,, have been doing really well and are taking part in this shopping festival. Banks such as HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank will also be offering rewards to their customers. Among other categories, classifieds such as and job sites such as will also be a part of the initiative. Shopping fests like these have been a rage in USA under the guise of marketing terms such as Cyber Monday, which broke all previous online sales records on a particular day.

As part of the ongoing deals, most retailers will be offering free shipping across the country and will also bundle additional deals for first time buyers. Google has also put up tips and suggestions for first time online buyers and has been asking people to start making wishlists for the shopping day. It is yet to be seen how successful the event turns out to be, but a lot depends on whether the actual deals being offered are better than those already available in the shops. India has been known to be a very price sensitive market.

For more details about the participating websites, take a peek at and let us know how the experience turns out for you if you buy something online for the first time on this day.

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